Clara Barton

Inspired By Clara Barton

Clara Barton, founder of American Red Cross and known as the “Angel of the Battlefield,” carried her lantern across the combat zone to aid injured soldiers (“her boys,” as she called them). Her mission to guide and assist soldiers regardless of their positions on the battlefield was both principled and revolutionary. She provided aid to all wounded patriots, and her transparency and virtue inspired others to join her cause.

As America’s healthcare system has become a battlefield—with providers vs. payers, payers vs. consumers, and providers vs. providers—the need for guidance and transparency has never been more critical. Medical costs are escalating, inefficiencies abound within the healthcare system, and poor outcomes plague populations. Bending the arc of healthcare costs and delivering better outcomes in a transparent manner are the principles that will act like soldiers and fight the battle.

Clara Care is committed to the cause. We were formed to aid the self-insured market, which is struggling to provide benefits to employees at affordable prices. Acting as an independent third party during due diligence, Clara Care identifies best-in-class solutions. We partner with national healthcare providers with decades of experience and millions of lives under their healthcare management. Clara Care’s partners continually enhance how they manage and deliver services to meet the changing needs of companies and their employees. Innovation in new product development enables customized solutions for your populations.

Clara Care has aligned services in one-click online convenience for brokers, employers, and state and federal agencies. In the brutal battle to provide affordable healthcare, our team consistently delivers above-average savings. At Clara Care we are here to guide your population to better results at lower costs. Like Clara Barton, Clara Care believes we are all in this together—and we are here to help.