Clara Clinic:

The Care You Need Where You Need It—at an Affordable Cost

The Clara Clinic solution enables employers to develop an on-site or near-site clinic making medical care easy, convenient, and more cost-effective for employees.

When establishing a clinic, we work closely with local providers to hire expert staff that employees are already comfortable with, and we negotiate special pricing for services. That means a company’s employees receive the very best care at the lowest possible rates—all at locations in close proximity to the company. We also offer a telehealth service to further reduce costs while giving insured individuals 24/7 live access to the expertise of healthcare professionals.

With advanced technology, on-site Rx pickup, population health management, and custom programs based on employees’ needs, the Clara Clinic solution is a smart choice for businesses that want to offer their employees optimal and accessible care.


Hassle-free Implementation

A Clara Clinic will save you money, time, and effort while making healthcare convenient for your employees. We will:

  • market and secure specific and aggregate stop-loss insurance plans;
  • help design and recommend plans with special pricing options;
  • prepare summary plan descriptions and plan documents;
  • research and coordinate PPOs, utilization reviews, case management, disease management, and wellness programs;
  • issue employee identification cards;
  • coordinate the transition with the current administrator; and
  • conduct employee meetings.

Convenient Claims Services

As part of our TPA services, we offer comprehensive claim adjudication and administration.

This gives you:

  • the ability to monitor high-risk plan participants through the integrated high-risk claimant management system within our case management system; and
  • the opportunity to reduce claims costs to the plan through special PPO and client-specific provider contracts for referrals.

In addition, you can access a dedicated website to check on the status of your claims and review provider information.


Continuous Support

On an ongoing basis, we will support you with notification of updates, administration of changes, reporting, and customer care.


Robust Reports

Knowing that employers want to see improvement, Clara Care will provide reports highlighting financial savings and program participation.

Clara Care HR’s support team is here to assist whenever you have questions or need help with any aspect of setting up an account, adding information, or making changes.

Contact us today about this time-saving, value-added service for your business with 100+ employees.