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We Deliver More for Your Healthcare Dollars

Clara Care was founded on the principles of guiding self-insured groups through the confusing, often adversarial, positions within the healthcare system—much like the battlefield, much like Clara Barton.

As the self-insured market continues growing double digits annually, so do the complexities. Expertise is required to understand subtleties that can translate into direct bottom-line savings for both provider and consumer. If you are a provider, employer, broker, or healthcare system, Clara Care and our partners will identify best-in-class solutions for your population in one accessible system.

Clara Care’s team has an aggregate of 120 plus years of experience in dealing with the complexities of healthcare and the technology to implement solutions nationwide. Collectively, we serve large groups—municipalities, states, the federal government, and unions, as well as manufacturers, service providers, school boards, retailers, and hospitality industries.

Clara Care understands that each population is unique.


Welcome to Clara Care Solutions for Large Groups.

Clara Care delivers customized products that are specific to your population, resulting in better financial outcomes and healthier populations. Healthier populations are mutually beneficial to both employer and employee.


  • Population Health Management (PHM) takes the data from your population and does predictive modeling, risk stratification, care evaluation, and medical expense budgeting. PHM can close the gaps in the caregiver chain. PHM delivers the appropriate care at the appropriate time in the appropriate setting for the consumer. Combining all of the above helps to bend the trend of increasing healthcare costs while delivering value-based medicine with healthier outcomes.
  • Case Management and Care Coordination are key strategies for value-based benefits.
  • Custom It Solutions are based upon each client, we can provide the following IT solutions: data collection, data warehousing, data analysis, data reporting, data security, and data hosting.
  • Disease Management/catastrophic Management provides a holistic approach to assisting individuals in a population with specific disease-related or catastrophic conditions through a dedicated nurse case manager.
  • Utilization Management reviews activities within your population to eliminate unnecessary care and deliver the appropriate care at the appropriate time. This is evidence-based medicine culminated from decades of populations and proven treatments. WE MEET EACH INDIVIDUAL’S NEEDS ON THEIR JOURNEY OF HEALTH.
  • Wellness Programs are effective when there are an amalgamation of factors—from identification, risk assessment, intervention, and implementation. Clare Care’s diversified, personal approach impacts the individual and leads to successful outcomes in their wellness journey.
  • Physician Provider Networks Nationwide provide quality care—from primary to specialty—regardless of state.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management is essential. The cost of drugs has risen faster than any other health expense within the last decade, increasing 102%, with increases of 14% last year alone according to Barron’s. Clara Care has established relationships with industry leaders through innovation that translates to bottom-line savings.
  • The PBM Card was developed as a TRUE prescription card, not a discount card. Clare Care’s network of PBM’s has provided opportunity to deliver the best solutions for your population while reducing the cost of drugs.
  • Referenced-based Pricing is the ULTIMATE cost-savings strategy and is unique to your population. We have the only patient advocacy program for balance billing, if there is any. Clara Care will fight to negotiate the best price with the provider.
  • On-site Clinics provide convenient access for YOUR POPULATION with high-quality care. Such convenience can identify risks and control costly undetected and untreated disease that creates emergency room visits.
  • Third-party Administrators are located nationwide, providing comprehensive claim adjudication and administration. A DEDICATED website provides status of claims and reviews provider information that makes it transparent for the consumer and easier for your Human Resource Administrator.
  • Meaningful Health Consulting is available from Clara Care. Our partners have diverse and collective knowledge that ranges from owning hospitals to consulting with states, unions, school boards, and special needs populations, as well as others. Clara Care can analyze your specific data and implement cost-savings controls that are specific to your population.

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Clara Care Adds Value

  • Best-in-breed solutions for self-insured in one accessible click and one platform
  • The resource for your benefits/human resources administrator
  • Acts as third-party independent, identifying best-in-class solutions
  • Continuous improvement solutions, being driven by our team of experts
  • Best contracted prices, with our vendors passing on the savings to you
  • Reports reflect savings and ROI

Empower Employers

Empowering Employers

Clara Care will guide you through the ongoing battles and pitfalls of the healthcare war. Our solutions will directly save money by providing better healthcare at lower costs, and our indirect savings will result in healthier, happier populations with higher productivity.

Clara Care HR’s support team is here to assist you whenever you have questions or need help with any aspect of setting up an account, adding information, or making changes.

Contact us today about this time-saving, value-added service for your business with 100+ employees.