Clara Care HR:

A Human Resources Tool for Handling Healthcare and Much More

In addition to health insurance, employers have a wide array of critically important human resources needs.

Interviews, disciplinary measures, legal investigations, personnel management, company communications, and hiring are HR concerns that demand time, effort, and a firm understanding of applicable laws, regulations, and best practices.

That’s why we offer Clara Care HR—a robust software tool to manage all of your human resources responsibilities, including healthcare.


With Clara Care HR, You Have Hands-on Access to:


  • an integrated risk-management system;
  • more than 300 training modules (to ensure ACA compliance);
  • regulatory compliance details;
  • HR department and employee training programs;
  • a communications platform to retain permanent records of relevant conversations;
  • a website link to benefits providers;
  • a system that catalogues and allows retrieval of forms and manuals;
  • a 24-hour HR hotline for getting guidance about HR issues;
  • free access to an attorney for advice regarding HR problems; and
  • an online portal for managing employer HR materials, training, and performance tracking.

Contact us to learn more about how Clara Care HR can empower you!