Why Clara Care

It’s no secret that employers find it frustrating navigating the vast sea of self-insurance options to find the right plan. Clara Care is your solution.

Clara Care is a one-stop healthcare solution for self-funded services. Clara Care, as a master general agent, partners with brokers and has a vast network of resources around the country, serving in diverse markets in all 49 states. We empower employers and employees to play a positive role in their health while saving money! Most experience at least 10 percent cost savings over fully funded insurance plans.

That’s the beauty of self-insurance. It allows you to break out every component of your healthcare claims and administrative expenses. It also enables you to hold providers accountable for achieving better outcomes—including effective service, improved employee engagement, and lower medical costs.

Self-insured plans are exempt from excise tax on health insurance premiums, community rating on premiums, and mandates under essential health benefit rules. Self-funded plans also are exempt from the stringent regulation that insurers face regarding minimum-loss ratios and annual rate increase review.


Clara Care is THE solution for:

  • Exceptional coverage
  • Controlling costs
  • On-site or near-site healthcare clinics

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